Unit of Special Therapies (POAM) Hematology-Oncology

(Building “Marianna V. Vardinogianni – Hope”)

Tel: 21320132121, 21320132137 (Outpatient Clinics)

keth @ paidon- agiasofia. gr

Kattamis Antonios Professor
Rigatou Efthymia Curator of AD
Roka Kleoniki Curator of AD
Tourkantoni Natalia Curator B΄
Augerinou Georgia Curator B΄
Filippidou Maria Assistant Curator
 Vlachos Antonia Academic Fellow
Katsimbardi Aikaterini Academic Fellow
Special Unit of Pediatric Allergy

(1st floor)

Salavura Aikaterini NSS Director
Koulouri Maria Academic Fellow
Special Unit of Pediatric Immunology
Petropoulou Theoni NSS Director
Gastroenterology and Hepatology Unit

Digestive Mobility Unit

(6th floor)

Tel: 21320139 45

Web: www.gastroped.gr

Papadopoulou Alexandra NSS Director
Rogalidou Maria Curator of AD
Zellou Aglaia Academic Fellow
PK1 (5th floor)

Tel: 213-2013512

apanepistimiaki @ paidon- agiasofia. gr

Lykopoulou Evangelia NSS Director
Georgiadou Elisabeth Curator B ‘
Polytarchou Anastasia Assistant Curator
Moudaki Angeliki Assistant Curator
PK2 (5th floor)

Tel: 2132013516

b univped@paidon-agiasofia.gr

Orphan Peace NSS Director
Santou Antina NSS Director
Siska Zoi Curator BD
Kakleas Konstantinos Curator BD
Zangogianni Theodora Assistant Curator
PK3 (6th floor)

Reception clinic for suspected COVID19 cases

Tel: 2132013608

cunivped @ paidon agiasofia . gr

Botsa Evanthia Curator of AD
Margoni Daphne Assistant Curator
Christos Vangelis Auxiliary Curator
PK4 (6th floor)

Tel: 2132013615

dunivped @ paidon agiasofia . gr

Petropoulou Theoni NSS Director
Farakla Ioanna Assistant Curator
Tsinti Maria Assistant Curator
Briasouli Efrosini Assistant Curator
Pediatric Dermatology Unit

(temporarily 6th floor)

Valaris Manthoula NSS Director
Alexios Alexopoulos Academic Fellow
Special Unit for Metabolic Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus ( 6th   floor) and Center for the Expertise of Rare Endocrine Diseases of Children (Government Gazette 22/11/2019)
Tel: 2132013601
Kanaka- Gantenbein Christina Teacher
Harmandari Evangelia Teacher
Vasilakis Ioannis Curator B ‘
Voutetakis Antonios Academic Fellow
Nikolaidis Nikolas Academic Fellow
Farakla Ioanna Assistant Curator
Binou Maria Assistant Curator
Katehaki Elina Assistant Curator

Workshops Choremio Research Laboratory 3rd floor

Laboratory of Molecular Endocrinology 

Hormone Laboratory

Laboratory of Clinical and Translation Research Unit in Endocrinology

Immunobiology and Vaccine Research Laboratory
Spoulou Vassiliki Associate Professor
Special Center for Adolescent Medicine

a) Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Clinic

b) Clinic of Ergometry – Occupational Physiology and Sports Medicine    

Tel: 2132013476,    6955680000

Bakopoulou Flora  Associate Professor
Papoutsaki Kalliopi  EDIP
Infection and Vaccines Clinic (ground floor)
Lourida Athanasia, Infectious Diseases Specialist NSS Director
Botsa Evanthia, Infectious Diseases Specialist Curator of AD
Monday 11: 00-14: 00

Appointments are made through 1535.

Clinic code (Code.00048)

Special Unit for Tuberculosis (ground floor)
Michos Athanasios Associate Professor
Clinic of recovered oncology patients
Moschovi Maria Associate Professor of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
Hematology-Oncology Unit

Building: “Marianna V. Vardinogianni-Elpida” Children’s Oncology Unit

First floor

E-mail: mmoschovi@paidon-agiasofia.gr

Secretariat: Anastasia Konstantinou

Tel. 210 7452130

Psychological and Social Support:

  • Maria Markantoni,
  • Gelli Pafili
Infectious Diseases Unit – AIDS

(MAKKA Building)

Tel. 2132013667

Spoulou Vassiliki Teacher
Michos Athanasios Associate Professor
Strip Athanasia NSS Director
The Infection Unit operates in N.P. “Agia Sofia” and is a member of the First Pediatric Clinic of the University of Athens.

Children and adolescents up to 16 years of age with congenital infections, respiratory, gastrointestinal, CNS, skin, bone and soft tissue infections, specific infections (chronic infections, HIV) are evaluated in the Infection Unit of the 1st Pediatric Clinic of the Medical School of the University of Athens.

From 1988 onwards, with the onset of acquired immunodeficiency, the department became an additional reference center for childhood AIDS under the general name “Department of Special Infections”.

Vaccinations of immunocompromised patients are considered and planned.

There is a daily infectious disease consultation in patients of all the clinics of the hospital and a weekly visit to the Intensive Care Unit and the Oncology Department.

The infectious disease specialists of the Unit, in collaboration with the Committee for the Control of Nosocomial Infections, participate in the surveillance and control of infection prevention within the hospital, while actively contributing to the surveillance of the use of antibiotics.

Provides counseling and infectious coverage in periods of epidemic outbreaks of infectious diseases (measles, COVID19).

The Infection Unit is staffed by the following infectious disease specialists

  • Spoulou Vana, MD, Ph D  Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Pediatric Clinic of the University of Athens
  • Michos Athanasios MD, PhD,  Associate Professor of  Pediatric Infectious Diseases
  • Lourida Athanasia, MD Pediatrician – Infectious Diseases, NSS Director
  • Botsa Evanthia, MD , PhD , Pediatrician- Infectious Diseases, Curator A NSS

The infection department team includes 4 infectious disease specialists, research associates, pediatricians and students.

  1. MAKKA

It is a separate unit of special infections and is housed in a neoclassical building located in the precinct of N.P. “The Hagia Sophia”.  It has 2 negative pressure chambers and 8 single rooms. In periods of epidemic outbreaks of infectious diseases, it is used for the treatment of specific patients.


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Mediterranean Anemia Unit (Hereditary Anemias, Doxiadis Building)

Tel: 2132013777

Kattamis Antonios Professor
Kyriakopoulou Dimitra Curator of AD
Ioakeimidou Natalia Assistant Curator
Polyxeni Delaporta Assistant Curator
Special Unit for Metabolic Diseases

(Ground floor)

Lykopoulou Evangelia NSS Director
Special Unit of Pediatric Neurology

(6th floor)

Tel: 2132013603

Pons Maria – Rose Associate Professor
Zouvelou Vassiliki Academic Fellow
Kokkinou Eleftheria Academic Fellow
Premature Newborn Unit (5th floor)

Tel: 2132013517

Siahanidou Sultana Teacher
Skiathitou Anna NSS Director
Nice Peace Curator A ‘
Gianniki Maria Assistant Curator
Special Unit of Pediatric Pulmonology and Cystic Fibrosis

(Ground floor and 6th floor for sleep study)

Kaditis Athanasios Associate Professor
Panagiotou Panagiota Assistant Curator
Polytarchou Anastasia Assistant Curator
Moudaki Angeliki Assistant Curator
Koltsida Georgia Academic Fellow
Special Unit of Pediatric Rheumatology

(6th floor)

Tel: 2132013602

Tsitsami Eleni Academic Fellow
Smerla Rubini Academic Fellow
Oral Genetics Unit
Scientific director

Giapitzakis Christos    Associate Professor

Email: cyapi@med.uoa.gr

Tel :. 2132013477

The Oral Genetics Unit of the AD Pediatric Clinic EKPA (Government Gazette 4922 t.2 / 5-11-2018) has a Clinical Department (Ground Research Center, Ground Floor) and a Laboratory Department (Molecular Genetics Laboratory of the Unit, Ground Research Center ) and operates in accordance with the principles of Science and Bioethics.

Objects of study of the Unit are:

a) diseases and syndromes with manifestations in the head (neurogenic diseases, oral syndromes, oral cancer, thrombophilia, autoimmune diseases, etc.);

b) the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms related to the above diseases regulating gene expression in conditions of homeostasis disorder (stress), biomolecules (biomarkers) of intracellular message transmission and biomolecules (biomarkers) in extracorporeal.

The Unit works closely with the Research University Institute of Maternal Health, Childhood and Medical Precision (Emeritus Professor George Chrousos), with the Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic, EKPA Medical School, Attica Hospital (Associate Professor Stavros, Vavryki Vassiliki EKPA School, Attica Hospital (Professor Costas Voumvourakis, Professor George Paraskeva) and the Laboratory of Applied Philosophy, Department of Philosophy EKPA (Associate Professor Evangelos Protopapadakis).

Pediatric emergency and regular pediatric clinic

(ground floor)

Stergiou Nikolaos NSS Director
Kapogiannis Charalambos Auxiliary Curator